CCB Seminar

Zoom Seminar
  • Dr. William Noble, Professor, Department of Genome Sciences, University of Washington

Power at the Nanoscale: Speed, Strength and Efficiency in Biological Motors: Nano Webinar Series

Zoom Session
  • Prof. Carlos J. Bustamante, UC Berkeley, MCB and Physics and Chemistry
The zoom link for this event is The cell is not just a small bag with a concentrated solution of proteins and nucleic acids undergoing second order reactions. Cells have polarity, many cellular processes need to be directional, and these cannot occur by simple diffusion between reactants. Instead, the cell uses tiny...

RISE Seminar: Lessons from Large-Scale Cloud Software at Databricks

Soda Hall
  • Matei Zaharia, Stanford University
The cloud has become the most common way to deliver commercial software, but it requires building products in a very different way from traditional software, which has not been heavily studied in research. I will explain some of these challenges based on my experience at Databricks, a startup that provides a data analytics platform as a service on AWS and Azure. Databricks manages...

Splunk Info-Session

Via Zoom

CCB Seminar

Zoom Seminar
  • Dr. Daniel Dominguez, Assistant Professor, Department of of Pharmacology, UNC Chapel Hill

CSV Conference 2021

Virtual Participation
CSV Conference 2021 (csv,conf,v6) is a small community conference that has a broad mission and features diverse talks about data sharing and data analysis, tools, practices, and data science applications from science, journalism, government/civic tech, academia, industry, and open source — with a strong focus...