Knowledge from Language via Deep Understanding

430-438 Wozniak Lounge Soda Hall
  • Danqi Chen, Ph.D. Candidate, Stanford University
In this talk, I explore novel neural network approaches that open up opportunities for getting a deep understanding of natural language text.

Statistics and Data Science: the Prediction and Modeling Cultures

102 Moffitt Undergraduate Library
  • Roderick Little, University of Michigan
I recently taught a course entitled "Seminal Papers and Controversies in Statistics", and Leo Breiman's (2001) article "Statistical Modeling: The Two Cultures" was a very popular paper with students. The paper contrasts the machine learning culture, with it's focus on prediction, with more classical parametric modeling approach to statistics. I am more in the parametric modeling camp, but...

Center for Computational Biology Seminar

125 Li Ka Shing Center
Title: Quantifying the evolutionary dynamics of tumor progression and metastasis Abstract: Cancer results from the acquisition of somatic alterations in an evolutionary process that typically occurs over many years, much of which is occult. Understanding the evolutionary dynamics that are operative at different stages of progression in individual tumors might inform the earlier detection,...

GE Digital Info-Session

Wozniak Lounge (430) Soda Hall

Dr. Tal Korem, Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, Weizmann Institute of Science

306, HP Auditorium Soda Hall
The gut microbiome is an immense microbial ecosystem with unique and diverse metabolic capabilities. In the past decade, it has been associated with multiple chronic and complex diseases, raising great hopes for novel medical advances. But are contemporary microbiome analysis methods useful in a clinical setting? I will present new tools that we developed for the analysis of the gut microbiome...

Rubrik Info-Session

Wozniak Lounge (430) Soda Hall

Design Field Notes: Tiffany Tseng

220 Jacobs Hall
Tiffany Tseng, an interaction designer who creates tools for people who make things, will speak at Jacobs Hall.

Jacobs Design Conversations: Alan Eustace

310 Jacobs Hall
Alan Eustace, Google’s former Senior Vice President of Knowledge who set skydiving records after planning and completing a jump from the stratosphere, will speak at Jacobs Hall.

Design Field Notes: Melissa Cefkin

220 Jacobs Hall
Melissa Cefkin, a design anthropologist who works as principal scientist for Nissan Research, will speak at Jacobs Hall.