UCB Global Startup Fair

Via Zoom
The UCB Global Startup Fair is a unique recruitment event where the spotlight is on the startups. It is a chance for small companies to speak directly to students without getting overshadowed by the big names. We bring together the most innovative new companies around the world and introduce them to students from one of the top engineering universities in the world. When combined with the...

CCB Seminar

Zoom Seminar
  • Dr. Simon Myers, Professor, Department of Statistics, Oxford University

RISE Seminar: Lessons from Large-Scale Cloud Software at Databricks

Soda Hall
  • Matei Zaharia, Stanford University
The cloud has become the most common way to deliver commercial software, but it requires building products in a very different way from traditional software, which has not been heavily studied in research. I will explain some of these challenges based on my experience at Databricks, a startup that provides a data analytics platform as a service on AWS and Azure. Databricks manages...