Dissertation Talk: Acquiring Motor Skills Through Motion Imitation and Reinforcement Learning

  • Xue Bin Peng
Humans are capable of performing awe-inspiring feats of agility by drawing from a vast repertoire of diverse and sophisticated motor skills. This dynamism is sharp contrast to the narrowly specialized and rigid behaviors commonly exhibited by artificial agents in both simulated and real-world domains. How can we create agents that are able to replicate the agility, versatility, and diversity of...

CCB Seminar: Data-driven methods for identifying models of complex biological systems

125 LiKaShing Center, Zoom Seminar
  • Dr. Niall Mangan (Northwestern), Assistant Professor of Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics, Northwestern University
Abstract: Inferring the structure and dynamical interactions of complex biological systems is critical to understanding and controlling their behavior. I am interested in discovering mechanistic and informative models, assuming I have time-series data of important state variables and knowledge of the possible types of interactions between state variables. The problem is then selecting which...

Dissertation Talk: Training, Evaluating, and Understanding Language Models for Protein Sequences

8006 Berkeley Way West
  • Roshan Rao
Novel protein sequences arise through mutation. These mutations may be deleterious, beneficial, or neutral; the effect of a mutation on an organism’s evolutionary fitness is reflected in whether an organism survives long enough for its proteins to be sampled and deposited in a sequence database. Bioinformatics has long sought to use this evolutionary signal, commonly in the form of Multiple...

Learning to isolate sounds from an audio scene without training from ground-truth

310 Banatao Auditorium Sutardja Dai Hall
  • Dr. Bryan Pardo, Professor, Northwestern University
In this talk Prof. Pardo discusses recent work in bootstrapping learning of a scene segmentation model using acoustic cues known to be used in human audition. This allows learning a model without access to ground-truth decompositions of acoustic scenes.

Jacobs and MDes 2021 Winter Design Showcase

Jacobs Hall
Join the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation and the Berkeley Master of Design (MDes) program for the 2021 Winter Design Showcase. We invite all students to join us in celebrating student work and accomplishments, including work from our courses, student clubs, and the Innovation Catalysts grant recipients. This semester's Showcase will include an extra day focused on MDes courses and...