Dissertation Talk: Tools and Techniques for Building Programming Assistants for Data Analysis

  • Rohan Bavishi
We present techniques to build programming assistants for data analysts to improve their productivity when using programming-based tools and libraries. We leverage program synthesis, program testing, program analysis, and machine learning including graph neural networks and large language models to build these assistants.

Dissertation Talk: Interactive Cross-Dimensional Media for Collaboration and Guidance in Mixed Reality Environments

Zoom / 380 Soda
  • Balasaravanan Thoravi Kumaravel
Collaboration and multi-user interactions are key aspects of many software tasks. In tra- ditional desktop software, such aspects are well supported through built-in collaboration functions or general-purpose techniques such as screen and video sharing. In Mixed Reality environments, where users carry out actions in a three-dimensional space, collaboration and guidance may be required. However,...